CHALLENGE.3W is a digital system for capture, analysis and evaluation of free fighting in historical European martial arts (HEMA). The system is developed and supervised by Martin Lümkemann (D) and Henrik Gyarmati (H). It consists of the following major components: acquisition of fight results averages QR codes or manually. Transmission and storage of all results directly to a cloud-based database. Statistical evaluations and rankings of the results by a freely configurable matrix and direct live display of important statistical values ??during an event such as a tournament.

CHALLENGE = challenge, which is self-explanatory. 3W = is an abbreviation of our fencing club Drey Wunder

Yes and no. CHALLENGE.3W is currently used for individual events (= Tournaments) (see KAPMFTAG ) and returns at the end evaluations on the basis of which a winner will be announced. In this tournament, the system has enormous advantages by wireless recording by QR codes and the live display the data on big screens. CHALLENGE.3W but also for several fights (100+ ) designed and in time course provides even more reliable and sustainable data.

The goal of any HEMA-martial artist is to successfully "survive" through training, practice and research in a sporty sparring with protective equipment and less rules. The main objective of this system can be observed in the free fighting and analyze their own fencing development. Based on the obtained data to targeted individual training plans can be developed to compensate for existing deficiencies or amplify less pronounced skills.

On one hand, it should be as simple as possible to use, ie survive possible without a referee, note takers, scorekeepers, etc., on the other hand it should provide as many and complex information as possible, including evaluations and comparisons and over time, and (not) last the system should provide an incentive even after a long time.

Currently not. The system is currently based on the So-Called 3W.HALAG regulations. These rules are based on the so-called HALAG rulebook (CC BY-SA 3.0 DE) that was developed and written by Marcus Hampel and Tobias Wenzel. The rules are deliberately simple and show a certain radicalism. There are no winners, only survivors. The only trophy or the only cost is to stay alive, best unharmed. More can be found here: 3W.HALAG: 3W.HALAG rules (external)

Correct. CHALLENGE.3W currently works only with the 3W.HALAG regulations.

How do I use this system?

Easy. Each fighter owns three “rating tags”, which are specially issued for him. The meaning of the green tag is “unharmed”, of the yellow tag "wounded" while the red tag stands for “death”. All tags carry a QR code in which the name of the fighter, the current status and some other information have been encoded. Every fighter carries the three tags attached with a flexible cord to his fencing jacket, pants, etc. After the fight the fighter will pull his actual status tag in front to get is scanned. All it takes is for example an internet-enabled mobile phone with an installed app to capture QR codes. Quick, easy and unambiguous. This is quick and easy, so that there is more fighting with less overhead.

How can I realize how good or bad I am?

The collected information according to this principle and the database-based evaluation system allows us a relatively complex analysis. Thus it can be made descriptive statements about your own abilities. Also you can let the whole print out as a graphically enhanced diagrams. Calculated are thereby the individual status (dead - wounded - unharmed), a percentage probability of survival as well as for example the continuity of performance. These values should be improved.

Easy. Who fights more survived unharmed is our definition is the better swordsman. In an individual event (= tournament) but only on this day, between the current subscriber with the existing weapons, etc. These results reflect not a kind of universal "can" in fencing, to the conditions are always different. In time course after several events, but we can see clear trends and visualize and thus improve individual fencing skills.

No. Here is just the beginning. How do I get to see people to brittle figures and statistics as motivation or even with a sense of self-criticism? The magic word is Gamification. The won fight-points (own status and enemy status) will be computed into so called experience points (XP) when they are recorded into our system. As a result these XPs can be transformed into a ranking table. Special skills, awards, challenge cups and quests will be awarded according to the XPs and status combinations. Who now feels reminiscent of various role playing is right. It indeed creates a kind of role-playing game in which each player has to raise up from the sofa, put the potato chip bag and the controller aside and fight, win or lose in the fencing hall with real opponent using realistic rules. When awarding experience points, skills and awards not the imagination sets the tone, but real fencing skills that need to be developed and improved. But everything is not possible in a single event (= tournament). Only in conjunction with a closed user group, and in course of time. Ideal for clubs and other HEMA groups with the aim to observe personal fencing developments and control.

Yes. The system is based on honesty. There is no referee and no video recordings to revise a result. For this reason, results are counted only from or TAKEN (or ignored). How honest everyone has their own injuries sustained indicates everyone must himself with his own conscience agree. This risk is of course without problems through the use of minimizing an experienced head referee.

To illustrate a practical example, this means: If someone cashed a potentially fatal head shot but does not signal this (ie, the fight does not interrupt, etc.) then there is no debate and no quarrel. In this case, the fighter did not notice the hit. This is a misinterpretation, can happen to anyone and should be addressed - after the fight - by the opponent. ignored the hit on purpose to get better results and statistics. With this behaviour the swordsman proves, unfortunately, that he has not (yet) understood the principle of our martial art and the system CHALLENGE.3W. Honesty and courage for his own mistakes must stand in the foreground here. Selfishness, hubris, injustice, if they are not resolved, prevent the progress on our way. We firmly believe that fencing is more than just sport and can contribute significantly to the formation of character. Therefore, the risk of "cheating" is to be seen as large, the benefits of this behavior for the fighter is but worthless as he only deceives himself.

No. But you can try it. We set up every 4-6 weeks a Workshop supported by CHALLENGE.3W KAMPFTAG from the well for external participants should be open. We can easily accommodate any external participants in the system as a guest-fencers. Those gets its own guest brand and a unique ID in our system. Since we continuously develop the system's not currently possible to type "test set". Furthermore, we offer here soon to a kind guest access. Using this access to our boards, reports and statistics can be viewed and tested.

For sure. If you want try our entire system incl. Free fight, capture, statistical evaluations and reports we recommend you a visit at our Fencing Club "Drey Wunder" in Bielefeld. The association is aimed per quarter from a supported by CHALLENGE.3W "KAPMFTAG", in the external participants can try out the system. We can Easily accommodate any external participants in the system as a guest fencers. Those gets its own guest QR-brand and a unique ID in our system. Who uses our system sees its results live on our evaluation Monitor and gets a few days after the event, a detailed digital record of its fights, incl. Statistics. Here you can register:
If you can not join or simply look briefly want what registered participants use expected at CHALLENGE.3W please use our demo account. The demo account allows you to get a first impression of our "boards". The demo system is pre-configured and filled with test data. The data will be published shortly here:

CHALLENGE.3W from Henrik Gyarmati and Martin Lümkemann is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Non-commercial dissemination Alike 4.0 International license. To learn more about this license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 The license covers all pictures, descriptions, etc. in connection with CHALLENGE.3W. The software source code, evaluate and display data is here NOT included. Here holds Mr. Martin Lümkemann all rights.

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